I love to travel, to meet new people and am always up for a new adventure. I love places old and places new but exotic trips a little off the beaten track excite me most!

Like most people, I would like nothing more than to give up my fuller than full full-time job as a corporate lawyer and to travel the world. But my travels can’t pay for itself so, I save up as I go along and travel whenever I can. My leave is limited to 24 days a year and 7 days maximum each time. So far, i’ve managed to get away at least once every month.

Doing extensive research is a job hazard which I fully embrace and take on before going to a place.

Join me on all my very tailored short and highly action packed adventures! If you are looking to travel somewhere on a limited time frame, (like me) this will be the perfect place to start looking (i hope!).

Happy to hear what you think!

Feel free to ask away!


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